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ETHNOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, FOLKLORE, LANGUAGES ! LITERATlj RE, NUMISMATRS, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, &c. E., BOMBAY CIVIL SERVICE, KKHAKD CARNAC TEMPLE, CAPTAIN, BENGAL STAFF COBPS, /)•»% or l-CE YOL. ( BOMB AY: Fsisted and Published it the EDUCATION SOCIETY b PREb S. When tlioy came to the place where they had first found him they were greatly surprised to see him sitting there working away at his patth as of old. “Never mind what has happened, hut come with us once more to whei-e we take you,” said the thags, “ and we shall make it all right for you.” So saying they took him to the river-side and gave him a string of beads, bidding him to continue sitting there telling his beads till he was sent for by his wife. Some time after they had depacted, it so happened that one evening, wdicn the princess was sitting on an open balcony with her lord, she expressed her desire t they journeyed once more to the city in whicli they had left him. o detail the conversation he had with his wife on that bright moonlight night ; how it had led to his real position in life being known ; how she had discarded him ever afterwards ; and how, fearing for his head in case tire king came to hear of it, he had run away from his wife, and had once more taken to his old profession of paiii weaving. 239 •'V AVORTH DAMES, Evi , B C S , M R A S., I i M a . NUiirs Vla Vt.ndrapaia Har'ln '-Sara vat 15.5 loa^i •‘.1 Beneai A'latic Society's Plato of the uaja Vrixyakayal i . 13S ^ Manda-nr Iii" n’l^ttion of Kainara- i and Bandiiui arinan : the Maiava ' T3 and 529 ^ . 191 ' Alandd'Or Inscription of Ya-od Larnmn iniivardhana ; the M ilava year 5^9 222 , ALimla-or Pillar Inscription of Yas O- 253 ' Xo. S., the late Extracts from Chinese Authors conceknino THE history of THE KUSHANS VAJESHANKAR GAURISHANKAR, BHAW- NAGAR Hvthasni Inscription of the AIeh^ra Chief Thepaka .... The disguised fhag rc- j ])li(‘d, as though he were a woman, tliat i she was a traveller who had broken her j journey there, and the person she nursed was , suffering from leprosy. Seeing a beautiful j voman well dressed, and decked with ornaments, | attending to the wants of the occupant of the litter, she naturally incpiired of the mock wo- man who she was, and what ailed the person she was nursing. 220 A grant of G b v i n d a c h a n d r a, of Sam vat t llol.

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E- nis An ‘r^'Tors Cli XXXII Dm E, HULTZSCH — Gwalior i Nscuip TDe N of Vtkr v^r A-SACiv AT 11 Gl. In her great joy at the re^tora- tion of her liul a coarse um-ffui* .1 Mijjar.

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