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Assigning members as her side hoes, Mods, you name it. Bringing a vibe to the room you only realize when she's gone.

Dog filter super fan, believes she used to be one in one life. Lady2naughty4u "lives up to her name" -William The Best1 We could say she's the female version of Annex and get it over with, but there is much more in her naughtiness to be told. The queen of private messages and emoticons with no competitor.

I don't know what a good quote would be" - Destan A savior sent from the holy heavens. He has a great music taste and thankfully, he shares that with the rest. Xx Little_Starx X Oh mighty little star Twinkle in our dark sky Our day is night We need a light Even though shining, a vampire too? William The Best1 Last, but certainly not least, we have William. Ultimately humble, but with a very dirty mind that he unsuccessfully tries to hide from the world.

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" noellie23 "howso" -noellie23 23 stands for her age the time she joined the site, which is probably 46 years ago.

T-T well..see here...sasuke: i dont like why sasuke-kun? neji:.lame.temari: yeah, your right hyuuga.neji: hmph..sasuke:..turn..? naruto: -nods and blushes- o//osasuke:..gaara: COOKIE!

-is madder-neji: Im just cooler then you x Pnaruto: T-T So mean..sasuke: whatever..neji, gogai: NO!

Devil or Angel, he's still obsessed with FFA games and aiming to reach prestige 10 to have a variety of games to join afterward. DONGLE A bright young man who dares to hold the same name as mine, creating a confusion regarding which Will they meant.

Open-minded and informative in many aspects of life (music, movies, science, etc). jessizzlingjess A new comer had the others dazzled by over-friendly compliments, kindness and positive negativity.

gaara you go first.gaara: umm.i was widdle..i thought monkeys ate humans O.

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