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23-Nov-2017 23:41

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“I love the expression on her face, the way that children sometimes appear as grown-ups with their eyes full of meaning and experience beyond their years.” In Syria such a look is sadly familiar. “Even if you don’t experience death, the noise is terrible.And hearing that people you know have died in strange ways changes you. As one of Syria’s best-known artists, Shamma painted President Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s British born wife, Asma, in 2010.Living with gut-wrenching anxiety is part of Shamma’s everyday life. Though I can’t complain at all – compared to other people – I am lucky”, she says. The war has changed everything, destroyed everything.” Shamma puts her success down to confidence.It’s a trait, she admits, that is not easy for women living in Arabic countries to lay claim to.

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When she moved to Lebanon, she heard about a female butcher who slaughtered her own animals, and paid a visit, taking photos by way of research. She has painted her daughter several times in repose – and likes in particular the one, which depicts her thinking.Both Assad and his wife have attended her exhibitions.