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27-Nov-2017 03:37

He said he will not tolerate even just a whiff of corruption in government, much more, his appointed officials.

Since early in his tenure, the President has kept his word, firing key cabinet and government agency executives for corruption charges.

They join the company of other officials he fired for corruption such as former Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno, Undersecretary Ted De Leon of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and a number of others. Apparently, some financially savvy officials of the GSIS, in cahoots with finance officials have allegedly cooked up a dastardly plot that will earn them millions of pesos easily. Allegedly through the purchase of bloated premiums for its insurance requirements.

Now, we heard that something suspicious is happening at the state pension agency. One of which is an insurance treaty requirement meant to safeguard and earn from the insurance treaty revenues for the country and pensioners. The problem is, global markets and analysts priced and valued the treaty needed by GSIS at some P350 million only.

This scheme is said to be one of the easiest sources of huge commissions for certain GSIS officials and their partners in the scheme.

In fact, insiders say it had been ongoing under various administrations and apparently, up to this day.

Kad nepraleisti savo brangaus laiko žiūrėdami video, kuris nepatiko daugumai žiūrovų, mes padarėme reitingą, pagal kurį galima spręsti, žiūrėti šį video, ar ne. 2.0-2.9 - siaubas, nepatariu žiūrėti 3.0-3.9 - Nepatiko didesnei daliai auditorijos, žiūrėti neverta taip galvoja dauguma kino gerbėjų.

Pagal naudotojų vertinimą gali būti suskirstyti pagal šią skalę: 1.1-1.9 - blogiau nėra, gėda žiūrėti.

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In fact, just last week, he announced the firing of all Commissioners of the Presidential Commission of the Urban Poor (PCUP) for excessive travelling.6.6-7,9 - Labai geras filmas, tikrai verta žiūrėti.8.0-10.0 - Šedevras, būtinai pažiūrėkite tikrai nepasigailėsit!One of Pioneer’s senior executives is reportedly the wife of a top Malacanang official.

Last we heard, there was a failure of bidding because the market found the requirement overpriced.

However, the question is : Who will benefit from this overpricing scheme had the bidding not failed?