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For example, the Milanese dialect has its own traditions, literature, dictionaries, theater works, and so the Ticinese dialect (spoken in Switzerland), the Brianzöö (Brianza, Brianzolo in Italian), the Bergamasque (the one of the mountains, the one of the city, and the one of the lowland), Brescian, Cremasque, Laghée (used in the upper Como Lake) and so on for all the (at least a dozen) remaining dialect and variants of the Lombard linguistic family, spreaded from upper Valtellina in the extreme northeast to Apennines in the southwest.

Even the western/eastern distinction used on lmo.wiki, at least for the main page (western and eastern), is artificial and doesn't express all the variability in the Lombard dialects. If I remember well, some months ago the Akan edition of Wikipedia was closed because [...]is now considered a family of languages, and not a single language.

Sono cose che ho già vissuto in Russia e in Spagna contro i popoli minori.

Ho dovuto difendere asturiani e aragonesi dagli ipernazionalisti catalani (nonostante che stavo dando la vita per la loro terra).

But they are not the same language, neither a standard Cisalpine tongue has never existed. I think he achieved some results so far, provided that only some days ago he said to an anonymous user [3] to avoid changing in the ortography of an article. Are we writing in Clamenghese language, writing it with the Clamengh standard?

No lombard can understand this message, made with 20% a western lombard dialect, 20% an eastern one, 30% Catalan and 30% Occitan. Who is him to invent a way to write a not existing language, and adopt it? Just have a look at the banner for this fundraising (here). I was born in Lombardy, I grew up in Lombardy, and I have never seen such a language.

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I am active on it.wiki, where I have never had a problem and am sysop since November 8. Owing to the absence of a real community, this form of racism has penetrated well deep into

The real masters of the Lombard wikipedia, Clamengh and 10caart, aware of this weakness, decided, emarginating and/or blocking all their oppositors, to create ex novo a strange Koiné Lumbarda (or Koiné Lombarda, I can't remember well), and to adopt it as a kind of lingua franca.

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