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This study suggests that the age of the lignite is comprised between 20.04 Ma and 20.21 Ma.The mean direction of the characteristic remanent magnetization documents a counterclockwise vertical axis rotation of about 8° with respect to the expected Lower Miocene direction derived from the Africa polar wander curve.A magnetic study conducted on 56 samples shows one or two components of magnetization carried either by titanomagnetite, magnetite and Fe-sulphide.

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The lignite deposit is known also North-east of Bamenda, the strata there are vertical and overlaid by clays which are the product of basalt alteration.

Mount Bambouto is the third largest volcano of the CVL after Mounts Cameroon and Manengouba [16]. [17], the geological history of Mount Bambouto is divided into three stages: 1) The pre-caldera stage corresponds to the building of the main shield volcano, between 21 and 16 Ma.

It was mainly effusive and basaltic; 2) Collapse of a large caldera initiated the second stage characterized by the extrusion of ignimbritic trachytes, between 16 and 11 Ma [18]; 3) The post-caldera and third stage consists of the pouring out of intra-caldera and adventive basaltic flows, and of extrusions of phonolitic domes, between 9 and 4.5 Ma [13] (Table 1).

In the lower part of the section, a K-Ar radiometric dating was performed on the plagioclase minerals isolated from the tuffs level situated about 15 meters above the lignite seam, and gave an age of 20.1 ± 0.7 Ma.

Constrained by this age, the observed polarity zones can be readily correlated with chrons C6An.1n-C6An.1r of the GPTS.

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Geology & Geophysics A magnetostratigraphic study has been carried out to constrain the age of the volcano-sedimentary Ngwa formation in the eastern part of the Dschang region.

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